The American Battlefield Trust’s Field Trip Fund

One of the best ways to get students excited about the history of our nation is to make it come alive by visiting historical battlefields or other sites. Students can watch reenactments and feel the power of being in the exact spot some of the most important events that shaped our country took place. In […]

Using Humor to Help Build Classroom Relationships

My son came home from his first day of school and gave me the rundown of his day, including first impressions of his teachers. Two of his teachers are new to his school and he mentioned not being sure about their teaching styles, “They seem pretty serious,” he said. I thought well, their job is […]

Field Trip Month Ideas – Take Your Class on an Adventure

October is national field trip month! It is a perfect time to plan your classroom field trips for the school year. Experiential learning makes a big impact on student learning and helps students connect with their community. There are several resources for discovering new field trips that compliment your lessons in science, social studies, health, […]

Tips and Recommendations for Planning Virtual Field Trips

Virtual field trips exist for almost any subject – art, history, science, and more. Students can travel back in time or across the world to virtually experience artifacts, cities, architecture as if they were there. Just like traditional field trips, virtual field trips take planning and preparation. To help you plan your next virtual field […]

Summer Vacation and Your School Garden

You and your students put in a lot of work to prepare and plant the school garden, but with school ending soon, how do you ensure the fruits of your labor are shared and not shriveled. Here are some tips for easily maintaining the school garden over the summer break. Weed and mulch before you […]

7 New Field Trips Focusing on Food and Healthy Choices

7 New Field Trips Focusing on Food and Healthy Choices Field Trip Factory has partnered with Weis, Schnucks, and the Spartan Nash group of grocery stores including D&W Freshmarkets, Dan’s Supermarket, Family Fare Supermarkets, Family Fresh Markets, and VG’s Grocery. Each of these grocers offers FREE engaging tours for students to learn about nutrition, the farm-to-table […]

Financial Literacy Month Resources

If you want to incorporate financial literacy topics into your curriculum this month, check out these recommendations for elementary through high school students.  The Practical Money Skill website has several helpful resources for teachers looking to incorporate some financial literacy into their curriculum for students grades K-12 and into adulthood. Check out this easy to […]

Celebrate Earth Day

Your class is ready for Earth Day 2019! A field trip to the beach or local park to clean up waste is planned, a viewing of Disneynature’s Penguins movie is paid for, or a cleanup and planting of the school garden is scheduled and students are excited. But do you and your students know about […]

FTF Makes Booking Trips Easy

Technology is helping teachers and trip sponsors bring life-changing field trips to 150,000 students each year. Thanks to a proprietary technology backbone the Field Trip Factory provides quick and easy ways to book powerful experiential learning experiences. This offers educators the benefits of speed and ease to make the field trip process as easy as […]

Free Seeds

Two organizations are making it easier for you to grow food and share it with your community. Rob Greenfield’s Free Seed Project and the team of Ample Harvest and Tasty Bite are giving away seeds for free to individuals or organizations who commit to grow and share the fruits of their labor with others in […]