Great Ways to Give Back in the New Year

Take a breath! Holiday season 2013 is nearly behind us and all of us at Field Trip Factory hope you and your family and friends enjoyed a great season full of laughter, fun and cheer.  As the new year begins, we’ve been thinking of new resolutions and how to make a change in 2014. We […]

4 Smart Ways to Kick off the New Year

We’re people that love hands-on learning. That means…big or small, we like every opportunity to try something new, to explore a lesson in a novel way and to ponder other ways to think beyond “outside the box”. If the winter doldrums have taken over, Field Trip Factory is offering 4 quick and easy ways to […]

Calling All Parent Chaperones

Guest Post by Caitlin Tobin, The Room Mom One of the most rewarding experiences parents and guardians can have with their school aged child is attending a field trip together. It gives parents a mini view into the classroom world of their children. Not only can adults get a glimpse of their student’s curriculum, they […]

A Homemade Comfort Food Recipe to Love!

Guest Post by Cindy Silver, RD from Market Basket Nutrition.  By putting a healthier mac & cheese on your weekly dinner menu and dinner table, you will be taking a giant step to becoming your family’s healthy eating leader. Don’t stop with one recipe, though. Learn how to put together 15 healthy menus. This e-book bundle is a […]

A Holiday Message

Happy Holidays from Field Trip Factory! Looking back on 2013, it’s been quite a year. We’re so grateful for all of the teachers, parents, students, community members and sponsors who have reached out, taken trips and taken time to learn more about what we do and how we can help in communities across the country […]

4 Reasons to Get Outside the Classroom This Winter

For some across the country, “winter” can mean sunshine and 70 degree weather. For most of us, especially around Field Trip Factory’s Chicago-based HQ, winter brings freezing temperatures and the need for a little inspiration. So, what to do with your class or student group when the weather outside is less than ideal? Use this […]

6 Easy Healthy Tips for the Holiday Season

For a little extra guidance during this holiday season, we asked nutrition experts for the skinny on maintaing kid’s healthy habits during winter break and the holiday season. Check out our collection below of easy, healthy tips for the holidays, especially tailored for kids. Field Trip Factory strives to bring nutrition lessons to children in […]

Teaching Kids to Eat Healthy

Learning about nutrition can be an interactive experience for children, starting at a young age.  Field Trip Factory offers trips for school and non-school groups teaching the fundamentals of eating healthy, staying fit and learning what it takes to make healthy choices. We asked family nutrition blogger Jenny Layton for some easy tips to teach healthy […]

Become a Sugar-Buster For Kids’ Good Nutrition!

Guest Post by Cindy Silver, Registered Dietitian Do your kids love sugary foods and snacks? Do they go nuts for drinks that pack in the sugar? Do they expect a sweet cookie, cupcake or ice cream for dessert day-after-day? Sugar isn’t what kids’ bodies need nor is it great for your dental bill. As […]