The Value of Field Trips (Monthly Feature Continued)

Field trips are a great way to kick off a new unit of study. Abby Schneiderjohn, this month’s expert from the Education Week field trip series of articles, talks about the benefit of incorporating field trips into your next Project Based Learning unit. Response From Abby Schneiderjohn Abby Schneiderjohn is an elementary school teacher in […]

Field Trip Grant Round Up

Even though the school year has begun, there is still some time to plan, apply for, and receive grant money for your 2017/2018 school year field trips. We’ve provided a bit of information and links to learn more about a few general and specific opportunities that may could fund your next hands-on lesson. If you […]

The Value of Field Trips (Ongoing Series)

This month’s expert from the Education Week field trip series of articles, sings the praises of the virtual field trip through video conferencing in the classroom with other students or experts in their fields. Response From Gail Desler Gail Desler is a technology integration specialist for the Elk Grove Unified School District in Elk Grove, Calif. She […]

Inspirational Quotes to Start a New School Year

Field Trip Factory hopes all the teachers and youth group leaders in our community have had a wonderful summer! We have great respect and appreciation for everything you do for our students, families, and communities. Check out these inspiring quotations to invigorate you as you prepare for another year of lessons and engaging experiences for […]

The Value of Field Trips (Ongoing Series)

When considering ways to enhance the field trip experience for students, teacher and tour director, Faye Brenner comments on the importance of providing purposeful ways for students to reflect on the experience. Response From Faye Brenner Faye Brenner is the author of Transforming Student Travel: A Resource Guide for Educators.  As a student tour director, her […]

Fun Summer Learning for the Whole Family

Summer Learning Day is July 13th and we have some tips to bring your family together and make learning fun for everyone – big and small. This national event focuses on the importance of continuing the learning over the summer, which can be an opportunity to create special memories and get kids excited about exploring […]

The Value of Field Trips (Series Continued – June 2017)

This month, as part of the Education Week series on the importance of field trips, principal Anne Jenks reflects on how to make field trip experiences enriching, interactive opportunities, including virtual field trips! Response From Anne Jenks Anne Jenks is the principal of the McKinna Elementary School in Oxnard, Calif. She is a Leading Edge Certified […]

Tips for a Great Visit to a Historical Site

Whether planning a family vacation this summer or taking your group of students on a trip, consider a historical site.  From military forts or battle fields to recreated villages and caves, there are some great historical places all over the United States that each have a unique story to tell. Researching a few sites before […]