10 STEM Ideas for Summer Vacation

Stay physically and mentally active over the summer by adding a little STEM. Science, technology, engineering, and math activities encourage curiosity, help us better understand our world, and can be a lot of fun! Here are some great STEM ideas the whole family can try this summer. Go on a STEM hunt. Look for science, […]

The Value of Field Trips (Series Continued)

Continuing the series of articles from Education Week, Mike Janatovich reflects on the importance of asking if students are truly experiencing the field trip they are on, or are they just filling out an assigned sheet of paper at a different location than school. Response From Mike Janatovich Mike Janatovich is the assistant principal of […]

7 Tips for Great Virtual Field Trips or Other Technology-based Experiences

What did we ever do without technology? It offers students a chance to “see” the entire world and interact with people on the other side of the world almost instantly. From virtual field trips to expert-led experiences, students are engaging with interesting, knowledgeable people and other students using Google Hangouts and Skype. Here are some […]

Get Active in May

May is National Physical Fitness and Sports Month and we want get your students moving. We all know the health benefits of physical movement, but equally important are the learning benefits. Students pay closer attention and often retain information better. It can be difficult to carve out time for extended playground or gym time when […]

Maximizing Engagement

To maximize the potential for engagement and learning, Camille Farrington, at the University of Chicago Consortium on School Research, says there are five Action experiences and five Reflection experiences, she and her colleagues find are key for building rich out-of-school adventures. Read about these important factors in the following piece shared with you from the […]

Earth Day Toolkits Help Increase Environmental Literacy

Earth Day is April 22nd. Now is a great time to plan and coordinate activities for your classroom or community group. The Earth Day Network is providing free downloadable toolkits to help you create a successful Earth Day event or lesson plan. Check out Earthday.org for complete information on how you can get involved in […]

March is Nutrition Month!

Field Trip Factory has several field trips that focus on health and nutrition, taking students to grocery stores all over the United States and Canada. Where better to learn the basics of a nutritious diet, participate in hands-on activities about the food groups, and practice shopping for healthy foods, than right in your local grocery […]

The Value of Field Trips (Series) – Part 3

This month we feature a piece from educator Ron Berger who discusses the difference between simply taking a tour on a field trip and having students engage in field work research on site. As part of the Education Week series on field trips, he provides thoughts and examples of the power of deeper learning through […]

The Value of Field Trips (Part 2)

In our ongoing series of articles previously published by Education Week on important field trip topics, educators and other experts tackled the question of how teachers can maximize the learning potential of field trips. Last month we heard from educator Jennifer Orr. This month professor Herb Broda tackles the same question by providing insights for […]

Outdoors Education: Resources for Bringing Students Outside This Spring

Spring will inevitably  arrive in a few weeks — though the weather may not always cooperate with the calendar – now is a good time to plan some activities to get your classroom or group outdoors in the coming months. Schools that invest resources into creating outdoor experiences for their classes have felt the rewards […]