Complete the Field Trip Proposal Process Easily

So you want to take your students on a field trip. Great idea! Now what? Each school or organization has its own procedures for obtaining approval for student field trips – which may require numerous forms to complete. We’ve developed some tips and considerations for getting your next field trip approved quickly and painlessly! The three […]

Electricity Education at COMED’s Rockford Training Center Gets a Redesign

ComEd, Northern Illinois’s energy delivery company, has had such an overwhelmingly positive response to its Smart Energy Hub at the Chicago Training Center, that now the Rockford facility is getting a makeover. Whether you have visited the Rockford facility in the past, or you’re just learning about the field trips offered by ComEd, you’ll want […]

Back to school: Make the First Day Meaningful

Student (and teachers) have many different reactions to school starting again. Some students are excited to see old friends, some are nervous about making new friends, some can’t wait to dive in and start learning, and others worry about what their teacher will be like and if there will be lots of homework. I can […]

Make Better Lunches This School Year with Giant/Martin’s Food Tips

During the Kids Healthy Ideas field trip at Giant Food and Martin’s Food stores, kids learn about creating a balanced lunch that includes different foods from the various food groups. Now Giant Food and Martin’s Food stores want to help families create healthy, balanced lunches for their students this coming school year. Here are some […]

5 Tips for Working with Parent Volunteers

It’s the beginning of a new school year – new students, new parents, and new volunteers. Make the most of the help parents and guardians offer by sending out a handout or online form to gather information about how they want to help in the classroom and the talents, skills they offer. This can help […]

Making the Most of the Library

The public library is a community treasure that can help grow our imaginations, expand our worlds and provide information for projects and school work. It’s a great place to explore year round – especially in the summer when the kids are out of school. Most public libraries offer free programs, book talks, arts and crafts […]

Tips for Sending the Kids to Overnight Camp

Sleep away camp is one of those experiences you never forget – good or bad. It can be an exciting opportunity for kids to really grow and learn about themselves and others. And usually, it is just so much fun! But it can be stressful for first time campers (and maybe even more so for […]

Kids Activities at Your Local Mariano’s

Mariano’s is hosting several fun events for kids over the summer. From making a kid-friendly snack creation to engaging kids with music about farms and eating healthy, several area locations want to make your next visit to Mariano’s filled with family fun. Here are some of the events you can find: Learn to make a […]

Giant Eagle Stores Great for Families

Giant Eagle wants to make exploring and shopping in their stores fun for families and students. The grocery store chain sponsors three programs aimed at kids – the Eagles Nest, Treat Cards, and Be a Smart Shopper field trips. Starting with the Eagles Nest Child Care, children ages 3 through 9 can play with engaging […]

Tips for Going to the Art Museum with the Little Ones

I recently went to the Art Institute with my 4-year-old and her pre-school class. I was excited because I hadn’t been to the world class museum in a couple of years, but I was a little anxious. Was I ready to walk around a busy museum with 20 energy-filled preschoolers? But it was wonderful because […]