The all-new has launched!

We’re excited to provide you an enhanced experience that makes finding field trip ideas and booking online easier than ever.  We’ll be continuing to add new experiences and resources as your preferred online resource for experiential learning.  Our new website looks aren’t the only thing we’ve enhanced.  Our new scheduling and communication backbone takes the […]

4 Ways to Encourage Questioning

It is inevitable that near the end of every field trip the person presenting to the group asks, “Does anyone have any questions?” The room may fall silent. Often this has to do with the energy the presenter emits to the group, however sometimes students need encouragement. But when one brave soul raises her hand […]

5 Ideas for Outdoor Field Trips

Before the cooler fall and winter months arrive, plan an outdoor field trip your students won’t forget. There are opportunities to learn about nature, history, and the community in which you live firsthand. Nature Walk If you live near a national or state park take advantage of the park ranger led activities at these locations. […]

5 Things to Consider When Setting Up Your Classroom

Back to school is around the corner and it is time to set up your classroom.  You may have already started! Your classroom learning space reflects your teaching style and sets the expectations you have of your new students. A well organized, inviting environment affects morale and student learning. Here are a few tips to […]

6 Fun Activities and Ice Breakers for the First Week of School

These activities will help you learn more about your students and create a sense of community in your classroom. 1. Create a Class Jigsaw Puzzle Use a large piece of tagboard to make a class jigsaw puzzle. Tracing pieces from a large floor puzzle will ensure the pieces fit together properly. Number each puzzle piece […]

The Importance of Student Reflection

The Common Core Standards stress student reflection and self-assessment. It can be difficult for students to participate in these two activities. But when students stop and think about their own learning, they become aware of their strengths and challenges and begin to make connections between what they are doing and why they are doing it. […]

5 Ways to Keep Kids Thinking Over Summer

Summer is a great time to give students’ skills a stress-free tune up! There is such a wide variety of fun activities to keep kids engaged over the summer…and none of them feel like school work! One of the best ways to keep kids learning over the summer is to take the pressure off. Imparting […]

4 Must-Have Tips: Get the Most out of Summer Field Trips

As we head into the second half of summer, it’s important to savor these last few weeks of vacation. For many, that means a family trip, lazy days spent in front of the pool, playing in the front yard…it’s different for everyone. For us, naturally, wrapping up the summer means signing off with a Field […]

5 Summer Learning Crafts & Creations We Love for Kids

Did you ever go to summer camp? As kids, it was the tradition each year. We loved going and trying out every single activity under the sun, putting together new crafts and creations. The best part of summer is that we had time just to relax and be creative.  So we thought, why not gather […]

3 Creative Tips to Plan for Back-to-School this Summer

School’s out for summer! So the battle cry goes. But for those of us who like to keep organized all year round, the summer sun is no excuse to slouch. Whether you are a teacher, a group leader or parent, there are fun ways to either catch up or stay ahead of the game during […]