Tips for Analyzing Artifacts During Museum Trips

Museums are like time machines. They transport visitors to the past through exhibits and displays of objects that define a culture. Exploring these objects from our past, such as jewelry, pottery, clothing, kitchen utensils, and tools gives insight to what makes us similar and different. Whether the objects are from another continent or the local […]

Cross-Curricular Activity Ideas for Your Classroom Pet

Studies show the positive effect animals have on humans. Classroom pets are a lot of work, but bring many rewards to students, especially struggling students who connect with the pet. Animals help them develop compassion, responsibility and strengthen a child’s social skills, even drawing out the shiest of students. The classroom pet should also be […]

The Value of Field Trips (January 2018)

Scavenger hunts are popular ways to engage students with content they need to know. In this month’s excerpt from Education Week, Russel Tarr, a history teacher in France provides tips for a successful community scavenger hunt based on a local field trip he does with his class each year. Response From Russel Tarr Russel Tarr […]

5 Ideas to Get Kids Moving This Holiday Season

It can be difficult to keep kids active during winter break when the weather is cold and school is out. Maintaining a physical fitness routine during the holidays can reduce boredom and stress for everyone. Here are a few ways to keep the entire family moving during the winter break. Make Moving a Game Grab […]

The Value of Field Trips (Monthly Series Continued Dec 2018)

Field trips and preparation go hand-in-hand. In this month’s article from Education Week, Professor Stephanie Smith Budhai reminds us of the importance of planning activities to maximize the field trip experience. Response From Stephanie Smith Budhai Stephanie Smith Budhai is co-author of Teaching the 4Cs with Technology: How do I use 21st century tools to teach […]

Field Trips and English Language Learners

Whether English Language Learners live in urban centers or rural areas, field trips are exciting opportunities to get out of the classroom, explore the community, and help students practice their English skills. Some English Language Learners who move to the United States live in communities with other immigrants who speak their home language, and maybe […]

The Great Thanksgiving Listen

StoryCorp is creating more compassionate schools, families, and communities through storytelling and listening. You may have heard some of the touching, funny, or incredibly inspiring stories on National Public Radio. A student might interview a teacher that helped him or her overcome challenges to reach a goal or a daughter might interview her father about […]

The Value of Field Trips (Series – Nov 2017)

Andrew Miller, this month’s expert from the Education Week field trip series of articles, talks about how field trips can not only help students answer ideas, but generate new ideas to explore. Response From Andrew Miller Andrew Miller (@betamiller) is an instructional coach and educational consultant who focuses on project-based learning, assessment and student engagement. […]

Getting Smart About Energy

Everyone knows we need electricity to run our myriad devices, appliances and equipment, but do your students know how the electricity gets to our homes, schools, and businesses? A great place to learn about electricity is at one of the two ComEd Smart Energy Hubs. Located in Chicago and Rockford, IL, more than 5,000 students […]

10 Activities to Complement Your Nutrition Field Trip

Field Trip Factory partners with grocery stores all over the United States and Canada to deliver nutrition education and help kids and families make healthy choices right in the stores. These real-world, hands-on experiences reinforce many common nutrition concepts through game play, interaction with the grocery staff and products, and lively discussion. Each field trip […]