Outdoor Classroom Day – May 17

We are ALL anxious to get outside and enjoy warmer weather this spring, students and teachers alike. It feels like spring has yet to arrive in many places, but on May 17 classrooms around the world will take learning outside to participate in Outdoor Classroom Day. This global campaign is led by Project Dirt and Unilever […]

The Value of Field Trips (April 2018)

Otis Kriegel, teacher and author of Starting School Right: How do I plan for a successful first week in my classroom? (ASCD), describes how he prepares for a successful field trip in this month’s article from Education Week. Response From Otis Kriegel How many checklists can I make? It seems that there are a million details […]

Carton 2 Garden Spring Contest

Time is running out, but, if you are preparing your school garden for the season, you’ll want to get in on this spring contest to win 1 of 14 prizes, including a grand prize of $5000. Evergreen Packaging, who specializes in providing sustainable packaging from cups to envelopes with support from KidsGardening.org, is sponsoring the […]

Music Field Trip Ideas

March is Music In Our Schools month. Here are some fun field trips school and community groups can take to support and celebrate music education. Attend a concert Professional touring musicians, local school bands, church choirs, and weekly concerts in the park all expose students to a variety of experienced and amateur musicians. Each can […]

The Value of Field Trips (March 2018)

In this month’s excerpt from Education Week’s field trip series, three experts discuss the importance of timing and relevance when it comes to providing explanations for what students are experiencing on a field trip. Response From Daniel L. Schwartz, Jessica M. Tsang & Kristen P. Blair Daniel L. Schwartz, PhD, is the Dean of the Stanford […]

Free Seed Packets for Your School or Community Garden

Calling all school and community gardeners! The Baker Creek Heirloom Seed Company, who carries one of the largest selection of seeds from the 19th-century, is giving away a variety of packets of vegetable and flower seeds to nonprofit school and community groups. Check out this video for more information about the donations, especially if you […]

Celebrate National Nutrition Month with Questions of the Day

March is Nutrition Month. This year, celebrate by starting each school day with a nutrition question. Display one of the questions below for students and invite them to write their names and answers on a strip of paper and place it in a jar. Pull out a strip randomly, and if it has the correct […]

Tips for Analyzing Artifacts During Museum Trips

Museums are like time machines. They transport visitors to the past through exhibits and displays of objects that define a culture. Exploring these objects from our past, such as jewelry, pottery, clothing, kitchen utensils, and tools gives insight to what makes us similar and different. Whether the objects are from another continent or the local […]

Cross-Curricular Activity Ideas for Your Classroom Pet

Studies show the positive effect animals have on humans. Classroom pets are a lot of work, but bring many rewards to students, especially struggling students who connect with the pet. Animals help them develop compassion, responsibility and strengthen a child’s social skills, even drawing out the shiest of students. The classroom pet should also be […]

The Value of Field Trips (January 2018)

Scavenger hunts are popular ways to engage students with content they need to know. In this month’s excerpt from Education Week, Russel Tarr, a history teacher in France provides tips for a successful community scavenger hunt based on a local field trip he does with his class each year. Response From Russel Tarr Russel Tarr […]