The Value of Field Trips (Series)

Education Week recently delved into exploring the value of field trip experiences for student learning. Educators from a variety of backgrounds were interviewed and provided their take on ways to make the most of field trips and included tips for making each trip successful. We believe these articles are very insightful and important for any […]

Getting Kids Involved in Giving

At the close of the year we often think of others – those in our families, schools, at work, and throughout our communities. The spirit of giving abounds throughout the holidays. Organizations in many communities are making it easier for you to share the giving spirit with the children in your life. Whether helping at […]

5 Hands-On Activities to Keep the Kids Busy During the Holidays

During this busy holiday season take a moment to remember what makes the holidays special by doing some of these activities together as a family. They will put a smile on faces and get the kids excited about the holiday and winter season. Go to the library and look for books that explain the traditions […]

Exploring Natures Wonders Virtually

It would be amazing to take students to experience first-hand every place or topic discussed in the classroom. Studying pandas? Take a trip to China! Studying renewable energy? It is time to check out the solar panels in the Mojave Desert. While students can take advantage of experience-based learning in their communities, and hopefully they […]

Learning from Live Theatre

Experiencing live theatre can encourage students to read more, think critically and creatively, and express themselves. It can also open a new world to students who haven’t yet experienced live theatre. These are exactly the reasons why many theatres, especially children’s theatres, love hosting field trips and educational opportunities for students of all ages. Many […]

Sources for Funding Your Next Field Trip

Bake sales, car washes, and community garage sales can generate a lot of money for a class field trip and give the students an invaluable experience to plan, coordinate, and execute the fundraiser. If you are looking for another way to raise funds for your next, much anticipated class trip, check out these popular options. […]

A Small Group Visit to Your Local Fire Station

Want to see your preschooler excited? Bring him or her to your local fire station. While some children will be more excited than others to visit a fire house (but who wouldn’t love to see the big, red fire engines!) the opportunity to speak with your local fire fighters and EMS workers is a memorable […]

Complete the Field Trip Proposal Process Easily

So you want to take your students on a field trip. Great idea! Now what? Each school or organization has its own procedures for obtaining approval for student field trips – which may require numerous forms to complete. We’ve developed some tips and considerations for getting your next field trip approved quickly and painlessly! The three […]

Electricity Education at COMED’s Rockford Training Center Gets a Redesign

ComEd, Northern Illinois’s energy delivery company, has had such an overwhelmingly positive response to its Smart Energy Hub at the Chicago Training Center, that now the Rockford facility is getting a makeover. Whether you have visited the Rockford facility in the past, or you’re just learning about the field trips offered by ComEd, you’ll want […]

Back to school: Make the First Day Meaningful

Student (and teachers) have many different reactions to school starting again. Some students are excited to see old friends, some are nervous about making new friends, some can’t wait to dive in and start learning, and others worry about what their teacher will be like and if there will be lots of homework. I can […]