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As parent educators we wanted to leverage technology to help determine where our children needed work through automatically generated tests and grades… with engaging cross-curricular exercises. We did not want our kids to “guess” at answers, we wanted them to really work for the answer, and we required an automatic answer key to make grading easier in our busy lives. We also wanted to leverage our field trips as teaching opportunities…

Education for us is living… We live our lives taking our kids to the zoo, train museum, aquarium, state fair, or the air show. My youngest Pre-K loves trains and our 1st grade daughter loves giraffes. We had the opportunity to go whale watching as a family and saw humpbacks coming for our boat… an amazing memorable experience. How do we use these trips to teach and make the memories last beyond just the day’s events?

We took our kids to various museums over the last few months… So many times there are missed teaching opportunities because we just don’t take the time to capture what we have learned while walking through the museum or driving home after a long day. Imagine being able to quickly log your field trip, what you did, what you learned, what you liked, etc… even use your voice to dictate and/or type it in… store this and email it and share it on a blog. We hope you like iPlanFieldTrips.

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