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Back-to-School again! And to think, just yesterday you were enjoying a day at the pool and this moment seemed months away. Now, you have to get back to helping with homework, providing school supplies and possibly dealing with that noisy class bell. Wouldn’t it be great if it sounded more like elevator music? But we digress. We can help with all of the above, except for the noisy bell unfortunately. Check out our activity sheets and creative breaks to add some more fun to everyday homework. Visit http://fieldtripfactory.com/teacher-corner/classroom-activities and make learning more exciting! What’s more? Getting ready for school doesn’t have to be expensive. Take your supplies list over to your local Michaels Arts and Crafts store with a 40% off Michaels coupon that you can download from our homepage (http://fieldtripfactory.com). Get everything you need and more with this great deal!

In this issue, uncover the pros and cons of private vs. public schools and how to make the decision that works for you, thanks to our friend at Our Kids Magazine in Canada. Plus, we want to touch upon technology today and its ability to make life so much easier! In this day and age, smart phones are so user friendly that anyone can be tech savvy. Just think about all the times have you seen a child in the grocery store using an iPhone with the same ease and comfort of playing with a talking bear. Courtesy of iHomeEducator, learn how apps can help organize your child’s workload and make any outing easier to document. No more missed teaching opportunities or precious moments falling through the cracks.

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