The Wellness Spot — December 2012

Each month Cindy Silver, a Registered Dietitian, gives us a great tips to stay healthy. Read on to find out about some fun activities, recipes and other facts to keep you and your family healthy all year long!

It’s Holiday Time!

I have always enjoyed the colorful excitement of December holidays and not so much enjoyed the stress that seems to come with it. Balancing an already busy schedule along with several big holidays is not easy for anyone — least of all those of us who like to add a little extra cheer to those around us. Over the years I’ve learned to limit my parties, community outings and shopping in December, as hard as that can be. It saves me from getting over-tired and grouchy when I want to be merry. Maybe this strategy will help you enjoy December more, too. It’s as simple as kindly saying ‘no thank you’ to all but a very few parties and getting a jump-start on easy gifts now!

Pocket Snacks for On-The-Go Nutrition!

If you want to get your arms around hunger while on-the-go, then a pocket snack is your solution. It’s not too much trouble, really, if you keep a pantry with munchies that are packed with good nutrition and not too much sugar. Pocket snacks fit into your pocket and stay there until needed.

Pocket Snacks to Try:
1. Nuts & raisins – make with your favorite nuts such as almonds, walnuts, hazelnuts or peanuts
2. Oatmeal bar – pick out an individually wrapped bar with 5 grams protein or more
3. String cheese stick or cold hardboiled egg – eat this within 1 hour as your pick-me-up

Kids & Vegetables!

If you have school-age kids, then you know how vegetables can be a put-off. I’m never quite sure if it’s the flavors or the (poor) example from parents. Whatever, here are a few delightful vegetable recipes to try with kids – and the entire family.

Vegetable Recipes that Appeal to Kids:

Healthy Holiday Food Gifts You Can Make!

I have tried a couple of times to make healthy food gifts though I have never settled on my ‘signature’ gift. I’ve tried making spiced nuts and herb-flavored vinegar – have you? Take a peek at these ideas and then see if you are inspired to create it from homemade!

Happy New Year!

The New Year is a time for new beginnings. As 2013 greets us in a few weeks, will you have a realistic resolution to make? Believe it or not, about ¾ of all New Year’s Resolutions are aimed at overall health and, specifically, weight control. The most successful, nutrition-focused resolutions are simple like the ones below and, after you choose one, be sure to track your daily progress:

Simple, Realistic Resolutions
1. I will eat one more fruit or one more vegetable every day.
2. I will eat a better breakfast, including a piece of fruit and a protein such as an egg, nuts or yogurt.
3. I will switch from a soft drink at my meals to a glass of water.

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