Sparking an Interest in Energy


Sparking an interest in energy

By Tom Dominguez

The new Rockford Training Center is more than a state-of-the-art training facility to educate employees, it is also helping spark the interest of young people in energy and energy management.

ComEd is welcoming students in grades K-8 to visit the ComEducation Center, which is located within the facility. Students can take part in field trips to learn about the history and science of electricity, learn about ways to save energy, tour a kitchen equipped with smart appliances and more.

The ComEducation Center is designed to generate awareness and understanding of how energy relates to students’ daily lives, and provide steps they can take to manage the amount of energy their families use.  The center is located within view of the facility’s indoor and outdoor training areas, which are helping hundreds of ComEd utility workers enhance their skills to monitor, manage and maintain a 21st century electric grid.

Visits to the ComEducation Center are being coordinated in partnership with Field Trip Factory, which designs hands-on education experiences in the areas of science, technology, engineering and mathematics.  Field trips are 90 minutes long and initially will be conducted through May 30.  They offer a fun and innovative way for local schools to explore real-life applications of energy and energy management.

If you know a school that may be interested in learning more about the future of energy, have them visit the Field Trip Factory web site at

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