Wellness Spot – April 2013

Spring Green in the Kitchen!

By looking out your window, it may be hard to believe Spring is here. So, why not start in your kitchen? In April, I get excited about several new ‘green foods’ that greet me at the grocery store with excellent lower pricing than at any other time of year. I’m talking about asparagus, artichokes and local lettuces and kales. As a registered dietitian, green is my favorite color because it stands for fresh and rich nutrition. Would I see plenty of the color, green, if I opened your fridge this Spring? What IS in your fridge and does it represent a healthy lifestyle of delicious eating? I hope so!


Spring Cleaning the ‘Green’ Way

Spring cleaning is reality for most of us. It refreshes one’s home or apartment, helps us uncover and remove extra dust/mold/dirt and, literally, forces us to reduce clutter and get organized. Deep-down cleaning can be a very big job, but it’s always worth the effort for a healthier living environment. If you’re ready to try something more sustainable, then I suggest cleaning the ‘green’ way with environmentally friendly products you can make yourself. It’s a great way to do your part for the Earth while eliminating strong chemical cleaners from your home or apartment. Common grocery store items like lemons, vinegar and baking soda make the ‘green’ way easy and they’re really affordable, too, compared to aerosol cans and non-biodegradable washing products. Click this link to see easy recipes and advice for cleaning the ‘green’ way!


Spring Inspires Easy Green Recipes

Green foods are typically healthy foods. So, here are a few mostly-green meals for you to put into motion in April and beyond. After all, a healthier eating plan leads to one thing – a healthier YOU!

Any Day Green Breakfast

Sliced green apple

Scrambled eggs with chopped spinach (or, Green Eggs & Ham if you are a Dr. Seuss fan!)

Whole wheat toast spread lightly with basil pesto

Water with Lime Slice or Green Tea


Any Day Green Lunch

Romaine lettuce greens topped with: Green Bell pepper, celery, cucumber slices, avocado guacamole

Split Pea Soup

Whole Grain Crackers

Water with Lime Slice or Green Tea

Any Day Green Dinner

Stir Fry: Lean steak, chicken or pork plus Green onions, snow peas, broccoli florets, zucchini

Brown Rice sprinkled with chopped parsley

Kiwi Fruit with Lime Sherbet

Water with Lime Slice or Green Tea


Women’s Eye Health Month

April is a time to think about your vision as we celebrate Women’s Eye Health Month. For starters, make a well-visit to your eye doctor, beginning at age 30-40, or earlier if there are eye health problems in your family health history. Then, make return visit(s) as your eye doctor recommends. Believe it or not, some chronic diseases can be identified through your eyes and earlier diagnosis makes treatment or cure most possible. If your eyes feel tired or dry, then simple preventative eye health may help. Click here for some every day ways to take good care of your eyes.


Alcohol Awareness Month

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) are focusing this year’s Alcohol Awareness Month on the prevention of binge drinking in women. Consuming 4 or more alcoholic drinks per occasion is the definition of binge drinking for women and it is considered very dangerous behavior. Why? Binge drinking usually leads to impaired judgement which, in turn, puts women and those around them at a higher likelihood of alcohol-related harm. In addition, binge drinking increases the risk for breast cancer, heart disease, stroke and liver disease. If you are a parent of teens then click here for important information about how to stop alcohol abuse in this sensitive age group.






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