The Wellness Spot – June 2013

Dairy Month is a Celebration of Protein, Calcium, Vitamin D and Moo-re!

When I was a kid, my mother always poured a glass of milk for me, my sister and my brother, at every meal. We thought it was boring but now, as a registered dietitian, I thank her! To keep your body in tip-top shape, put a spotlight on dairy foods this month. Did you know, for instance, that milk provides 9 essential nutrients in a single gulp? Whenever you consume milk, yogurt or cheese, you are getting valuable input for your bones and other body systems – deliciously. How are you doing with dairy? June is a great month to ask!


Men’s Health Month comes in June!

Women’s health has gotten a lot of attention over the past 10 years. There have been research dollars spent, treatments developed and gal-focused wellness events held. This month, though, it’s time to think about men’s health. Like women, men face tough challenges for staying healthy and, as they age, chronic diseases like hypertension, arthritis, heart disease and stress disorders can cause big trouble. To avoid these, men are encouraged to place a high priority on eating light & healthy meals and snacks to achieve a moderate body weight. In addition, at least 30 minutes of aerobic exercise and a stress management strategy are must-haves – daily.  ‘Men’s Health’ is a well-respected, guy-friendly magazine that you might consider giving to your man…Father’s Day is June 17th!


Seasonal Veggies Deliver on Flavor & Health!

In June, greens, lettuces, leeks, asparagus, radishes and beets give way to broccoli, kohlrabi, Bell peppers, zucchini, yellow squash and, if you’re lucky, corn-on-the-cob. Of course, all growing regions of the country are different and growing seasons for veggies overlap. Grab what you can, though, as summer produce comes on strong! By the way, learn more about kohlrabi here.


Ways to Enjoy Fresh Veggies

  1. Wash and eat them raw, with or without hummus as a dip.
  2. Wash and grate them raw as ingredients in salad or soup. You can even add them to your canned soup as it’s heating up – for more nutrition.
  3. Wash and slice them, then steam in the microwave or a rice cooker.
  4. Wash and cut them into bite-size pieces. Lay in a single layer on your flat pan after tossing in a little oil, salt or herb, pepper. Roast in the oven for 25 minutes at 425 degrees.
  5. Wash and cut them into bite-size pieces. Wrap one serving each into an aluminum foil ‘tent’ with a tiny dab of butter or oil, salt or herb, pepper. Grill along with chicken or fish for 15 minutes.


Feature on Water Exercise & Fun!

Summer is now officially here – yay! Along with warmer weather and vacation time, it’s a great time to renew your resolution for daily, fun exercise. Here are a few ideas for fun in and on the water:

Fun Summer Water Exercises to Try

Pool aerobics – Take the stress off your joints by moving to your favorite tunes in the water. Stay cool and enjoy some laughs on your family vacation or your neighborhood swimming pool.

Water polo – Get seriously in-shape by joining a water polo team or club. It’s recommended for strong swimmers who are looking for a new challenge.

Sea kayaking – Great family activity for eco-exploring and arm strength. Check out this video of sea kayaking the barrier islands of beautiful, coastal North Carolina.


Laughter is Good for You!

You might have heard that ‘Laughter is the Best Medicine’. Well, more and more medical research backs up this funny thought. This article about the health benefits of laughter and opportunities to laugh was an eye-opener for me and perhaps you’ll gain some insight from it, too. Here are a few funny food/nutrition jokes to get you giggling:

A Few Food Jokes

Customer: Waiter, this food tastes kind of funny?
Waiter: Then why aren’t you laughing!

Question: Why do the French like to eat snails?
Answer: Because they don’t like fast food!

Question: What did the baby corn say to it’s mom?
Answer: Where is pop corn?






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