October is Breast Cancer Awareness & World Vegetarian Month!

Fall is a beautiful season, isn’t it? I love the cooler air and the warm sunshine. Also, I enjoy taking a lively walk right after dinner since there are still plenty of daylight hours here in the Southeast US.

This month, we are celebrating two very compatible concepts: Breast Cancer Awareness and Vegetarianism. For so many of us, breast cancer has had an impact on family members and/or ourselves. To prevent all forms of cancer or a reoccurrence, a smart eating style is vegetarian.

There are probably more than 100 reasons to eat veggies and here is the short version: delicious, nutritious, full of natural phytochemicals, economical, quick to fix. Read on for tips and recipes that feature healthy vegetables!

How many vegetables can you name? You may be able to learn the seasonal varieties and add something new to your meals and snacks.

5 Tips to Help You Eat More Vegetables

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1. Make a goal to eat a vegetable with your breakfast every other day. Try these for starters: cherry tomatoes; cucumber slices; leftover broccoli from last night’s dinner, reheated or not; artichoke hearts from a can; edamame (soy beans)

2. Put at least 2 cooked vegetables on your dinner plate. You can try green beans and cauliflower, roasted Brussels sprouts and a tossed salad, or coleslaw and spinach.

3. Crunch on a vegetable appetizer. Baby carrots and celery sticks are perfect to dip into healthy hummus, salsa or a light cream cheese with herbs.

4. Warm up with vegetable soup. On a day when you have time to chop vegetables, try making a pot of soup. Then, enjoy it all week long.

5. Hit the salad bar. Build yourself a lunch or dinner entrée salad with a colorful assortment of vegetables. Remember…easy on the dressing.

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