3 Kid-Friendly Nutrition Tips for November

Field Trip Factory recently asked some of our favorite nutrition bloggers their top tips to keep kids healthy this fall. Take a look below for great health and wellness tips and a little bit of kitchen inspiration.

Tip 1: “Make eating fun and exciting for children. Try cutting fruits and sandwiches into shapes with cookie cutters.  Offer fruits and veggies with healthy dipping sauces such as yogurt or peanut butter.  Allow for children to create pictures using their favorite healthy snack foods.” – Kristen Smith, 360 Family Nutrition

Kristen’s Favorite Kid-Friendly Recipes:

Thanksgiving Peanut Butter Grahamwich
Thanksgiving Peanut Butter Grahamwich

Low-Fat Pumpkin Cookie Bark
Low Fat Pumpkin Cookie Bark

Tip 2: “The more kids get in the kitchen to help prepare meals, the more new foods they will try. Kids will love to cut up fruit and vegetables with a plastic knife, or use scissors to cut herbs, greens, and more! Kids will want to try the foods they help create.”
– Leah Smith, RDN, LD, Kid’s Kitchen

Leah’s Favorite Fall Recipes:

Cinnamon Swirl Pumpkin Pancakes
Cinnamon Swirl Pumpkin Pancakes

Kale and Cranberry Salad
Kale & Cranberry Salad

Tip 3: “Explore the tastes of the season! Apples, pumpkins, mushrooms, squash, sweet potatoes, pears, figs, and Brussels sprouts are just a few in-season foods worth exploring with your kids. Make a game of it or have your children help you create a recipe that incorporates at least one of these good-for-you foods. Exposure is much of the battle when it comes to getting kids to try new and nutritious foods. By making the experience fun, you may find that your kids easily warm up to the idea of eating more whole foods.”
– Kati Mora, RS, RD, Around the Plate

Kati’s Go-To, Simple Seasonal Recipes (click here!)
Fall Recipes

Keeping kids healthy is no small feat. Getting creative in the kitchen and putting together healthy meals is just the beginning of establishing healthy habits that last into adulthood. Field Trip Factory offers a wide variety of trips dedicated to nutrition and wellness. We’re interested in how kids develop healthy habits, learn to eat square meals and how food gets from Farm to Table.

Do you have a healthy eating tip to share? Be sure to let us know in the comments.

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