Teacher Talk: The Importance of Field Trips

Why Field Trips are Important

“Why are field trips worth it?” Field Trip Factory posed this question to some of our favorite education bloggers around the country. Their responses speak volumes about why field trips are important, and why we strive to connect communities through the power of experiential learning.

We spoke to Allie McDonald, early childhood educator and founder of the education resource blog, No Time for Flash Cards. Here’s what she had to say:
Why Field Trips are Important

Creativity, magic, exploration. An opportunity for children to break free from the everyday and learn something new. FTF is all about learning experiences that inspire. A short trip down the road in your community is an opportunity to change the way a child thinks or feels about an educational concept.

Ashley from K-3 Connection shared this insight:

Why Field Trips Are Important

Jill, the Enchanted Homeschooling Mom, let us know why field trips are important to her:

Why Field Trips are Important

In addition to inspiring creativity and exploration, field trips are proven to increase lesson retention and focus. According to this study conducted by EducationNext.org, 88% of students retained detailed lessons from their hands-on adventure when surveyed a week later. This study also demonstrates a strong connection between field trips and critical thinking.

We know, we know. When we talk about “free field trips” you may think…what about the red tape? What about all of the coordination it takes to get it all together? Field Trip Factory‘s hope is to take the headache out of booking free hands-on excursions for your student or non-school group.

We make it easy to sign up, offer resources that make the approval process a snap, and leave money collection out of the equation, because all of our tours are free. But we want to know from other educators…what makes field trips worth it? Why are they important to you?

We want to know why field trips are worth it to you. Please let us know in the comments below.

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