4 Reasons to Get Outside the Classroom This Winter

Field Trip FactoryFor some across the country, “winter” can mean sunshine and 70 degree weather. For most of us, especially around Field Trip Factory’s Chicago-based HQ, winter brings freezing temperatures and the need for a little inspiration.

So, what to do with your class or student group when the weather outside is less than ideal? Use this time to shake things up with your kids. Field Trip Factory offers quick, fun and educational tours that get kids out of their normal routine and out into their community.

Getting Outside the Classroom this Winter Will: 

Scrappy Bright Numbers-01 Inspire Critical Thinking

A recent report from Scientific American suggests that critical thinking thrives outside the traditional classroom. A trip outside the everyday classroom environment not only strengthens students’ connection to real-life situations, but it also taps into their ability to prepare for future learning. What does this mean? It means that getting outside the classroom allows students an opportunity to formulate questions and forge a new educational path ahead based on hands-on discovery. 

Scrappy Bright Numbers-02Turn Your School’s Grounds into an Adventure

Learn lessons from the outdoors while teaching outdoor safety. It’s important to learn how to bundle up to stay healthy. If the weather permits, use the trees, plants and other life around the school to be your guide.

For your younger students, it can be as simple as a lesson on “why snow melts”, make bird feeders for the local “wildlife”; there are so many ways to connect with what’s happening out in the world…and what’s right outside your doorstep! If you are looking to take an excursion somewhere close by, save money on busing and take advantage of extra learning time by making the transition a learning moment. Rain, 

Scrappy Bright Numbers-03Engage Dynamic Project-Based Learning

One of the latest “buzz words” in education is Project-Based Learning. But the idea is more than just buzz. In a world of standards, project-based learning places emphasis on learning by doing, and it works. Enhance your PBL efforts with a trip or activity that takes emphasis off what’s happening at their desk in to what’s happening in the world and how, in the future, they will become a part of it. 

Project-Based Learning

Offer a New PerspectiveOffer a New Perspective

Especially in elementary school, you are the center of your students’ universe all day, every day (right? 🙂 ). A field trip or another activity outside the classroom is potentially a chance to hand the reins over…even if just for a little while! If your classroom is suffering from that stir crazy feeling due to woeful winter weather, a hands-on trip is a great way to shake things up in a productive and educational manner.

This is another chance to help reinforce lessons of good behavior, attentiveness, group work and more in a real-world setting. Letting a new, qualified person (guest speaker, tour leader, etc) share their perspective with your students is another reason to change up the routine and get outside the classroom this winter. 

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Do you have a great idea to change up the routine for your class or group this winter? Be sure to let us know in the comments.

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