6 Easy Healthy Tips for the Holiday Season

For a little extra guidance during this holiday season, we asked nutrition experts for the skinny on maintaing kid’s healthy habits during winter break and the holiday season. Check out our collection below of easy, healthy tips for the holidays, especially tailored for kids.

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Leah Smith from Austin Kid’s Kitchen shared the following: 

Getting kids involved in the kitchen this holiday season will create long-lasting memories, bonding and a new learning experience.  While making cookies, let them measure ingredients, read the recipe to you, and/or sift the dry ingredients. I also like to let kids help creating the cookie ball because they like to get their hands messy.

Encourage creativity during snack time. provide them with a nut butter, various fruits, dried fruits sliced nuts, a spreader, and a plastic lettuce knife (to cut fruit) and see what they come up with.  A tree? Wreath? Animal? Boat?

Creative Recipes for Kids:

Apple Wreaths
Apple Wreaths

Raspberry Surprises
Raspberry Surprises 

Enjoy these nutritious tips from Alexandra Caspero, RD at Delicious Knowledge:

The holidays are a great time to teach kids the importance of balancing healthy eating with occasional treats. Pick and choose what items are important, and worth it. Children follow their parents lead. If they see you eating healthy most of the time they will follow suit. Portion control is important. We are able to eat our holiday favorites, but watch portions. A small bite taste the same as overeating.  

Have healthy snacks available! Fruit, raw vegetables, whole grain crackers and fun dips are great snacks to enjoy before a big meal.

Remind kids to wait 10-15 minutes after they’ve finished eating before going back for seconds. This allows the brain some time to signal that you are full. 

This recipe features festive holiday flavors kids will love:

Kid-Healthy Holiday Pumpkin Cranberry Muffins
Kid-Friendly Holiday Cranberry Pumpkin Muffins 

 Check out this helpful hint from Kristen Smith, MS, RD, LD/CDN at 360 Family Nutrition:

Start new traditions with your family not centered around food.  Every year your family might make your grandmother’s famous sugar cookie recipes.   In addition to making the cookies, start a tradition not involving food such as tree trimming or viewing Christmas lights.  The new tradition could even be something that is physical active such as walking during caroling.

Finally, Eileen Beehan, RD, LD of For the Love of Food shares yummy, healthy recipes that use vegetables in a fun and tasty way:

 Roasted Red Pepper Spread
Roasted Red Pepper Spread

Chick Pea Nuts
Chick Pea “Nuts”

Do you have a helpful tip for eating healthy during the holidays? Be sure to let us know in the comments. 

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