4 Smart Ways to Kick off the New Year

We’re people that love hands-on learning. That means…big or small, we like every opportunity to try something new, to explore a lesson in a novel way and to ponder other ways to think beyond “outside the box”. If the winter doldrums have taken over, Field Trip Factory is offering 4 quick and easy ways to kick off the new year with fun, excitement and flair.

1. Get Creative! Start with STEAM 

So much of our days revolve around standards and alignment. Integrate standards and different creative modes of expression by welcoming STEAM activities into your classroom or finding a crop of new, fresh art projects for your student group. This resource is a great jumping off point for arts integration in school and beyond. 

STEAM Arts Integration in Education

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2. Start a New Investigation

Create a group of detectives. Develop a new group project that tackles subject matter that is dynamic and engaging.  A sure way to shake things up is to create a novel environment that both structured and educational. This article argues that project-based learning can redefine learning. What do you think? 

3. Set New Goals

Sure, the topic of new year’s resolutions comes up everywhere these days. But the new leaf that turns over with January 1st is a great opportunity to assess what goals have been accomplished this far and how you can revamp your teaching style, connection to your class or student group, what planning goals you would like to meet in the next month…the possibilities, clearly are endless. The new year is a great time to renew an “forever student” attitude. Take a moment to decide what’s really important to you this quarter. Set up a forum for your students to talk about what really motivated them last year and what they are looking forward to this spring. Take a chance to integrate something new.

4. Learn Something New…That You Can Use

Nothing kicks off a new year like engaging in something you are truly passionate about that also contributes to making work, life and learning more productive. We recently came across an A-Z Guide to Improving Learning. This list definitely got us in the mindset for tackling a new challenge! Whether you are looking to pick up more coding skills, other edtech lessons or more tools for improving classroom resources, all of these activities start can be kickstarted with a little motivation. 

What are you most excited to accomplish this coming year? Be sure to let us know in the comments. 

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