Great Ways to Give Back in the New Year

Take a breath! Holiday season 2013 is nearly behind us and all of us at Field Trip Factory hope you and your family and friends enjoyed a great season full of laughter, fun and cheer. 

Giving Back

As the new year begins, we’ve been thinking of new resolutions and how to make a change in 2014. We found a great list of charities that benefit a community very near and dear to us: teachers. Working with teachers and students all across the nation introduces us to thousands of different classrooms and groups with vastly different needs. We are always interested in learning new ways to support our community of educators and group leaders and we wanted to share some of our favorite innovative ways to give back. 

Donors Choose
Screen Shot 2014-01-08 at 10.51.40 AM is a marketplace of projects to choose from. Teachers across the country contribute their “wish list” classroom item or experience and it’s up to the users to choose a project to fund. All projects are divided by subject area and location and come with a description of the the goals of the fundraiser. This Oprah Winfrey-endorsed charity adds an extraordinarily personal touch to giving back.  

JustGive offers an impressive collection of charities to choose from. It’s a search engine for finding a cause in your neighborhood. Simply search your zip code, navigate the site to make a donation; it’s simple to use and features a wide range of organizations that work for the support of education.

Labels for Education

Labels for Education

Labels for Education is a fun and easy way to collect resources for schools all across the country! Today, over 60,000 schools and organizations are registered with the Labels for Education program, benefiting more than 42 million students. 

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Create a Crowdfunding Page for Your Community

Neighborhood Catalyst in Denver is an example of giving back at an extremely local, community level. Involve partners who care about your causes by starting a crowdfunding page for your town or city. Get inspired! 

Community Initiatives

Many community-minded companies support giving back to education on a local level. Take a look and discover this list of initiatives, serving communities all across the country:

Apples for the Students
Labels for Education
Roundy’s Foundation
Bringing Hope to the Table
Club Cash
Buy Fresh Buy Local
Classroom Connections
Excellence in Education
BI-LO thrive!

How do you give back? Be sure to let us know in the comments. 

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