You Told Us: Favorite Field Trip Ideas

This past December, Field Trip Factory conducted a simple survey asking what you, our community, is looking for when it comes to Field Trips. Thank you so much to everyone who responded. If you didn’t take our December survey, don’t worry…there will be plenty of chances in the future to share your opinions to help make our field trip program even better than ever.

The feedback below is a fun, revealing snapshot of what the FTF community is looking for. Do you have a great field trip idea? Be sure to let us know in the comments, send us an email, drop us a line on Facebook; whatever works best for you!

Also, we strive to be a resource for all great field trips, experiential learning and innovative learning experiences. We look forward to hearing from you about what hands-on learning experiences that have made an impact on your role as teacher, student group leader, parent or community member. 

You Told Us: Quotes from FTF Field Trip Survey

Field Trip Quote
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Be sure to leave your favorite field trip idea in the comments. 

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