5 Easy Ways to Celebrate National Nutrition Month Plus A Great Giveaway

March is National Nutrition Month, an annual recognition of the importance of eating healthy to our everyday lives. Field Trip Factory is committed to nutrition education and orchestrates thousands of tours each year around the US and Canada focused on student health & wellness. 

Giant-Eagle-Kid-FT-1Enter this Month’s Giveaway: The Giant Eagle Health & Wellness School Giveaway celebrates Giant Eagle’s 20 years of commitment to nutrition education, plus 1/2 million students taking part in the ‘Be a Smart Shopper!’ Field Trip! Enter now to win $500 for your school. Spread the word to teachers, administrators, family and friends

This giveaway is open to residents of Columbus, Cleveland and Pittsburgh and surrounding metropolitan areas. Not from the area? Enter to win $50 Gift Card in our Nutrition Month Giveaway

Take a look below for 5 satisfyingly simple ways to take part in National Nutrition Month. 

Fruits and Vegetables in a Rainbow1. Take the Challenge – Eat a Rainbow of Produce

One of the easiest ways to maintain a healthy lifestyle is to make sure all colors are accounted for. Eating a rainbow of produce each day is a crazy-easy way to ensure that you’re receiving necessary vitamins and minerals to keep you going.

The best healthy recipes start with simple ingredients. Use the “Rainbow” rule of thumb to get creative while planning delicious meals. 

2. Try Something New – Spice It Up With Superfood

Superfoods are nutrition choices packed with antioxidants and other health benefits to keep your and your family in tip-top shape, like omega-3 acids and cancer-fighting lycopene. 

Acai BerryMost of these food items are readily available at any supermarket, like blueberries, tea, black beans, strawberries…the list goes on and on. Why not take a walk on the “wild” side and try a superfood that’s new to you, like Acai berries (pictured) or quinoa, for example?

For a little guidance, check out this list of 52 superfoods to try

3. Create a Healthy Plate – MyPlate Meals

My-Plate-Giant-EagleWhether you are creating meals for one or a family of 5, one of the most essential parts of day-to-day health is choosing what to eat. There are plenty of variables that factor into food decisions…not enough time to cook, picky eaters, availability of items, and so on.

Take it from us…anything you can do to make this process easier, the better! Field Trip Factory’s nutrition trips offer an explanation of MyPlate, the revamped, easier-to-understand version of the Food Pyramid. 

Not only is MyPlate a very helpful tool in guiding kids in the right direction when it comes to making healthy food choices, it makes meal planning a complete no-brainer. All it requires is a little planning before heading out to the grocery store. 

Click here for MyPlate healthy choice inspiration!

4. Make Informed Choices – Learn More About the New Nutrition Labels

New Nutrition LabelBig changes are on the way for nutrition labels. At the end of February, the FDA announced that for the first time in 20 years, the traditional nutrition label is proposed to get a makeover, making healthy choices easier than ever.

What will it mean if the new nutrition labels go into effect? Easy to determine serving sizes, more visible calorie counts, info on added sugars, and more. For an in-depth look at the new nutrition label proposal, click here

5. Get Active – Make Time for Physical Activity Every Day

Kids-ActiveHealthy eating and good ol’ fashioned exercise go hand in hand. It’s so important for everyone of all ages to get a little exercise in each and every day, but goal-setting makes it easier. 

As you know, with exercise, it’s best to choose what works for you and make room in your schedule. Run around with your kids. Take a walk in your neighborhood. Make it a part of your work day. Whatever works for you, write it down. Journal, communicate with friends…it may seem tough, but committing to a goal makes everything a lot easier to start. 

For helpful hints for getting kids, families and communities active, click here

What are your tips for staying healthy? Be sure to let us know in the comments.


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