12 Educational Activities to Spruce Up the Season

Free Activities for KidsIt’s spring (well, almost)! Let’s get creative. At FTF, we’re all about innovative learning and stretching the bounds of creativity, so we went looking for some fantastically fun, thoughtful and educational projects to engage your students and groups. If you’re looking for some free kid’s games, projects and more, keep scrolling!

At Field Trip Factory, we’re committed to developing free programs with STEM principles in mind. So that’s how we organized this handy round-up of hands-on kid’s activities, by Science, Technology, Math and Engineering. Take a look!

The projects below are geared toward elementary school aged kids. Do you have a great for any age? Be sure to let us know in the comments. 

Science Activities for Students:

Marbled Milk Paper (Pictured)
Constellation Geoboards
Light and Color Lab

Technology Activities for Students:


Brain Breaks with GoNoodle.com (Pictured)
Writing Dialogue Using Technology
Free Educational Apps for Kids

Engineering Activities for Students:
Free Activities for Kids

Paper Bag Houses (Pictured) 
Shade Structures for Monsters
Build a Balloon-Powered Car

Math Activities for Students:
Free Activities for Kids

Water Balloon Math (Pictured)
Lego Learning
DIY Number Detective Game for Kids

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