You Told Us: Easy Tips for Staying Healthy All Year Round

During National Nutrition Month this past March, we asked you the simple question: how you stay healthy all year round? National nutrition month is over, but we’ve brought together some of your top tips for staying on top of healthy eating, plus some delicious healthy recipe collections to make enjoying healthy meals even easier.

So, how do you stay healthy?

Healthy Tip
Healthy Eating Little KidsCutting out processed foods can initially be a challenge for the whole family, but worth it. The key to getting started on a diet that favors natural foods over their processed counterparts starts small, by consulting your grocery store, friends, family and online resources for tips. Think Global. Eat Local. is a brand new Field Trip focused on giving students the skills to identify natural and organic foods when making healthy meal and snack choices. Mrs. Green’s offers a wealth of information about eating naturally.

Below are great resources to jump start healthy eating habits. 

100 Days of Real Food – Real Food Tips
Deliciously Organic 
Eating Rules
Whole Family Fare
Smitten Kitchen 

Healthy Idea

Kids and Parents Exercising TogetherWhat a great idea! Staying active is such an important component of keeping kids and adults healthy. A great way for families to incorporate fitness into their daily routine is to exercise together. Now, it doesn’t have to be anything difficult. When the weather is warm, take a half hour walk around the block. Like the teacher in the quote above, carve out small portions of the day where activity takes priority. Do you have a favorite exercise routine or healthy habit? Be sure to let us know in the comments. 

Below are some ideas to get everybody moving! 

15 Easy Exercise Ideas for Parents & Kids
10 Ways to Exercise as a Family
Get Active – Let’s Move
Raising Fit Kids
7 Family Games to Play Anywhere

Healthy Tip

Meal PlanningMeal-planning is one of the easiest ways to stay on top of a crazy-busy schedule. Devoting a half hour or less to the week’s fare takes all the guesswork out of that famous “what’s for dinner?” question. Another huge plus of meal planning is using the process to introduce new fruits, vegetables and other healthy choices into the rotation each week. Meal planning resources are all over the web, which makes this healthy tip easy to practice. Getting organized also saves you time and money at the grocery store. Take a look at some healthy meal plan resources below.

Healthy Meal Plans for Kids
Meal Planning Made Simple
Healthy Meal Plans on Pinterest
5 Tips for Creating Healthy School Lunch Meal Plans
Healthy Eating Planner: 31 Days of Superfoods
Check out nutrition Field Trips in your area here

What’s your go-to healthy tip? Be sure to let us know in the comments. 

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