Hands-On Healthy Snacking

Today’s guest post comes to us from Jessi Boehme, RDN at Tasty Table Topics

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Do you ever find that you’re running out of healthy options for kid’s school snacks? Maybe they’re a picky eater but you want to make sure they’re still getting adequate nutrition?

Play with Your FoodI’m happy to tell you that there are ways around it because let’s face it, kids love to play with their food! By giving them snacks that are interactive helps eliminate mindless eating and ensures that they are getting healthy nutritious foods. What do I mean? Try these “snack-ativities” with your kids:

Try mashing blueberries with low fat cream cheese. It’s a source of calcium and antioxidants for the kids, which they need for strong bones! Put whole grain goldfish crackers mixed into the cream cheese and have them “go fishing” using small stalks of celery!

Hands-On-SnackingHave the kids make the rainbow using a variety of fresh fruit! Each piece could be dipped into low fat regular or Greek yogurt. This will keep the kids busy and full on important vitamins and minerals.

Cut up lots of veggies, hand them a slice of whole wheat bread or two, spread hummus or low-fat cream cheese across the top and have them make goofy, fun faces out of the vegetables! Make sure to take pictures of them mimicking their sandwich face!

Spread peanut butter in the crook of celery and have your kids put the “ants” on the “log” and eat up this high protein, healthy fat (peanut butter has essential fatty acids in it like omega-3’s) delicious snack!

You can also try these fun “Dip It” snack time foods!

Graham Crackers in applesauce, animal crackers in low-fat sugar free pudding, granola bars in low-fat yogurt, pretzels in mustard, vegetables like carrots, broccoli, cauliflower, peppers or celery in hummus, raisins in peanut butter, or fruit in low-fat cottage cheese.

There are loads of options out there! Get kids interacting with their food and they’ll be more engaged in its benefits. Their minds are like sponges, make sure they’re absorbing all of the right information about their health and the important role nutrition plays in it.


Thanks again to Jessi for the guest post!

Do you have a favorite recipe that your kids or students love? Be sure to let us know in the comments. 

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