5 Summer Learning Crafts & Creations We Love for Kids

Did you ever go to summer camp? As kids, it was the tradition each year. We loved going and trying out every single activity under the sun, putting together new crafts and creations. The best part of summer is that we had time just to relax and be creative. 

So we thought, why not gather some fabulous fun crafts for kids in a new round up perfect for lazy days on summer vacation? Get ready to go on an adventure to make new crafty creations at home, camp or summer vacation that will really stun your family and friends. 

1. Flower Laboratory

Celebrate the blooms of the season with this highly fun and informative kid’s craft activity. Unleash your child’s inner scientist with this bountifully creative idea from Alli at No Time for Flashcards

Flower Lab for Kids Activity
Photo via No Time for Flashcards

2. Egg Carton Sea Life Recycled Craft

Help kids brush up on sustainability and the 3R’s (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle) with this easy-as-can-be summer craft. Just grab some paint, some smocks and a little imagination to create these super-cute creatures. Have some under-the-sea fun with this fun activity from Shaunna at Fantastic Fun and Learning

Ocean Life Free Kid's Craft
Photo via Fantastic Fun and Learning

3. End of Summer Time Capsule

Keep kids writing this summer with a special project. Encourage the essential skills of expression (this trip made me feel…) and reflection in a new and different way. Why not teach children to create their own history lesson in a relaxed summer environment? We love this crafty creation from Aleacia at Inner Child Learning!


 4. Seashell Memory Craft

Transform a simple activity on summer vacation into a memory that lasts a lifetime. Do you remember collection shells by the seaside when you were little? Now, you and your kids, campers and students can take a simple shell collection and create a project that every kid will be proud of. Thanks to the Kids Activity Blog for this inspired summer-themed creation

Picture via Kids Activity Blog

5. Cloud Experiment

This last activity is for the little ones. Who says big kids get to have all the fun? The cloud experiment is super simple, but looks wild and crazy! Keep your kids keyed into science this summer with fun, free crafts with materials found around the house, like this example from Reading Confetti


What’s your favorite summertime craft creation? Be sure to let us know in the comments. 

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