6 Fun Activities and Ice Breakers for the First Week of School

These activities will help you learn more about your students and create a sense of community in your classroom.

1. Create a Class Jigsaw Puzzle

Fun ActivitiesUse a large piece of tagboard to make a class jigsaw puzzle. Tracing pieces from a large floor puzzle will ensure the pieces fit together properly. Number each puzzle piece and then cut them out. Ask students to decorate their puzzle piece in a way that reflects who they are, including their favorite things, activities, pictures, words, and of course their name. After each student has shared his or her puzzle piece with the rest of the class, assemble the puzzle. Talk about how the puzzle represents the importance of each individual playing a role in the class as a whole. 

2. Two Truths and a Lie
Fun ActivitiesFor older students, have them get to know each other by sitting in a large circle. Ask students to tell two things about themselves that are true and one thing that is a lie. The rest of the class has to figure out which is the lie. Each student takes a turn.

 3. Beach Ball Toss
Fun ActivitiesWrite several statements and questions on a beach ball, such as “Describe your family,” or “What do you like to do in your free time?” The beach ball is then tossed around the room. The statement/question the person’s thumb lands on is the one the catcher has to respond to.


4. Mnemonic Names 
Fun ActivitiesFor older students, have them state an adjective that starts with the letter of their first name and represents them. For example, Silly Sarah. You should start the game and then the person to your right introduces you and states their name using an adjective. For example, “This is Silly Sarah and I’m Quick-witted  Quintin.” 

 5. Create a Kids Constitution
Fun ActivitiesCreating a new classroom community is like creating a new country. Use the U.S. Constitution as inspiration for classroom constitution. Guide students to discuss the kind of classroom they would like to learn and grow in. Then help them write down class rules and expectation in the form of a constitution. Have each student sign the document. Here is an example:




6. Take a Poll 
Fun ActivitiesPlace large pieces of paper around your classroom with different questions written on them. Each question should have multiple answers listed. Then give students a sheet of sticky dots to place a dot near their answer.

For example:

  • What is your favorite subject? Math, Reading, Science
  • Which is your favorite reward? Free Time, Verbal Praise, Snack
  • Which is your favorite way to learn something new? Reading about it, Doing an activity, Going on a field trip

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