Microsoft Retail Stores Now Host Free YouthSpark Field Trips (Grades 3-8)

Free YouthSpark Field Trips
Integrating technology and digital literacy into the lives of your students has never been easier and more relevant. Take your group on a free field trip hosted by Microsoft stores as part of its YouthSpark initiative putting technology in the hands of students and educators. In addition on learning how to solve problems via organization and analysis of data using technology, students get to see some of the latest technologies in action – all for free. Learn more and book online in minutes at

YouthSpark: Technology Innovations and Digital Literacy

Learn how to help capture notes, harness relevant data sources, help get organized when presenting data and much more as students explore the store in this hands-on focus complete with an in-store scavenger hunt. Experience real technology in a real word setting!

Learn More and Book in Minutes

YouthSpark: Learn to Code

Everyone can code with easy-to-use tool sets that help foster critical thinking and analysis. Get students motivated via this hands-on experience in their community. The demand for coders is outpacing the availability of qualified applicants. Jumpstart your students into understanding just how easy coding can be and how relevant it is to their lives and our society. You don’t need to be a coder to learn how to harness the power and fun of coding and critically thinking!

Learn More and Book in Minutes

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