Prepare Young Students for Their Next Trip with Field-Trip-Themed Books

Prepare Young Students

Heading off on a field trip and exploring a new place is often exciting. A lot can happen on a class trip and young students should understand the events of the day, especially if they are a little nervous. Field-trip-themed books can be a great way to discuss expectations for an upcoming trip and kickstart the learning process. They can help to answer student’s questions about what will happen on the outing, or introduce the subject matter they will explore. Here are some titles you may want to read to students before heading off on your next field trip adventure!

Amelia Bedelia’s First Field Trip, by Herman Parish

Ages 4-8

Amelia’s class is going on a field trip, and she can’t believe how far they have traveled just to see a field. The play on words and misunderstandings will delight students as they discover all the activities that happen on a working farm.

Field Trip Day, by Lynn Plourde

Ages 4-7

Mrs. Shepherd’s class is off to visit an organic farm. One of the particularly curious students is so fascinated by the animals and the wind turbines that power the farm, he can’t help but explore on his own. Juan’s disappearance is always followed by a head count from the exasperated chaperones. This would be a good book for learning about farms and the importance of sticking together!

Iris and Walter and the Field Trip, by Elissa Haden Guest

Ages 6-9

A lot of preparation has gone into a field trip to the aquarium. Iris and Walter are very excited to see all the amazing creatures there. In fact, Walter is so enthralled once they arrive that he loses track of the rest of his class. Everyone, along with Miss Cherry search for Walter, who is unaware he was left behind. The book does a good job of repeating vocabulary associated with aquariums, and reinforces how wonderfully captivating aquariums can be.

Miss Bindergarten Takes a Field Trip with Kindergarten, by Joseph Slate

Ages 3-6

Miss Bindergarten takes her class on their first field trip. The students learn all about their community as they visit the bakery, the fire station, the post office, the library, and the park. This book would help any anxious students learn what to expect on a variety of fun field trips.

Museum Trip, by Barbara Lehman

Ages 3-7

This wordless book tells the story of a boy on a field trip to an art museum. Among the famous works of art, the boy finds himself separated from the rest of the group. As he searches for his classmates, he comes across a drawing of a labyrinth, and the next thing we know the boy has been transported into the maze. Students will learn just how magical museums can be when reading this clever book.

Splat and the Cool School Trip, by Rob Scotton

Ages 4-8

Splat can’t wait to see the penguins when his class takes a field trip to the zoo. But when Splat’s friend, Seymour, causes the penguin exhibit to be shut down, the kitty is very disappointed. But Seymour turns things around in the end. Students who love Splat will love his adventures on this field trip.

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