7 Earth Day Tips to Share with Students

7 Earth Day Tips

Earth Day is April 22nd. Use these suggestions to get students thinking about ways they can protect the planet both at school and at home!

  1. Throw your garbage in a trash can. This seems obvious, but litter in our storm drains is still an issue and it is negatively impacting our rivers, lakes, and oceans. Discuss where things that go down storm drains ends up and ways you can prevent trash from ending up in storm drains.
  2. Use those extra paper bags for craft projects. One simple idea for preschoolers is to create costumes by cutting arm and eye holes in an upside-down paper bag. Have children decorate the bag with glitter, markers, and anything you can glue on to make monsters, animals, or robots.
  3. Collect rainwater to later water your plants or garden, wash the car, or fill water balloons! This resource tells you how to make your own rain collection barrel or where to purchase one. http://www.gardengatemagazine.com/52droughttolerant/
  4. Donate your outgrown clothing, rarely-used toys and other things you don’t want or use anymore. Keep these items out of landfills and help organizations make a little money.
  5. Walk or bike. Each mile a car is driven can put over a pound of carbon dioxide into the air. Walking or biking short distances will keep you and your family fit and can make an immediate impact on the environment.
  6. Choose locally grown or organic foods. More carbon dioxide is put into the air when foods are trucked or flown long distances to get to the grocery store. Locally-grown foods use less fuel and create less pollution to get to market. Choosing organic foods that are grown without man-made chemicals, keep the chemicals out of the soil and water supply.
  7. Conserve Energy – From turning off the lights when you leave a room to quickly deciding what you need from the refrigerator so the door is not open longer than it needs to be, there are plenty of things kids can do to conserve energy. Watch this video for more tips from ComEd “What a Kid Can do.






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