It’s Easy to Find Nutritious Foods in Copps Stores

Find Nutritious Foods in Copps Stores

Copps grocery stores are making it very easy for shoppers to identify nutritious foods. Customers who want organic products or produce rich in vitamin C need only to look for the easy to read label. Simple, color-coded labels point out products that have any of the 18 important ingredient and nutrient attributes – ranging from Gluten Free to No Lactose or No Added Sugars. To gain a health key tag, products must pass through filters specifically put in place to omit items with excessive fat, saturated fat, cholesterol, sugar and sodium.  

Each month Copps provides a health key story including tips on how to lead a healthier life. Topics range from choosing a “Clean Eating” diet to advice for swapping out high-fat foods for low-fat alternatives, such as replacing sour cream with Greek yogurt. There is a wealth of information about how to make smart food choices at the Copps website at

Here are examples of just a few of the health key labels and how each label is defined.

Gluten Free – Certified by an accredited agency as gluten free or are identified as Gluten Free by the manufacturer.

Organic – Identified by organic certification or organic by the manufacturer.

Vegan – These items do not contain any meat, dairy, eggs, or seafood containing ingredients.

Vitamin A – Item contains 10% or more Daily Value (500mg) of Vitamin A. Produce only.

Good Source of Fiber – At least 10% daily value for Fiber or 2.5g or more Fiber per serving and 3g or less of fat per serving to promote Digestive key

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