Love Is in the Air for FTF Field Trips

Love Is in the Air for FTF Field Trips

Here at Field Trip Factory, we so enjoy reading the testimonials we receive from teachers and group leaders after they have taken a Field Trip Factory trip. It is gratifying to read how the experiences are affecting students’ lives and hear about the lessons they are learning firsthand. It is a true testament to our partners and the field trip leaders’ hard work to bring outstanding, personal experiences to students all across North America.

Providing feedback about your trips is easy! After taking a Field Trip Factory trip, keep an eye out for our report card in your email. It is simple to fill out and a great opportunity to write specific comments. We love these because, along with our partners and field trip leaders, we are continually seeking to improve and update our trips so they are the best they can be. We are so proud to be a part of providing these unique experiences to students that we just had to share some of the love the stores and field trip leaders are receiving.


“What a great trip! I still can’t believe that this is offered for free! My kids loved making the connection from our classroom learning to real-world situations. Especially at a Loblaws, where most of them go to on a regular basis. The dietitian was great with kids and had good strategies to get the kids attention when needed. Thanks again! I will for sure be back! :)“

– Cathryn W. at Loblaws store 1023 in Ottawa, ON


“Miss Jenn, Miss April and Miss Sabine were really good with the kids. I think that Jenn was training the others, as she seemed to be the one in charge. We LOVED that each department had something for the kids to taste and/or do.”

– Wendy S. at Lowes Foods store 210 in Harrisburg, NC


“Amy was our guide this year and she was awesome. We love using Giant at Cape Horn for one of our field trips. Thanks so much.”

– April S. at Giant Food store 6300 in Red Lion, PA


“Both of my classes just loved our visit. The trip leaders were very professional, knowledgeable and engaging. They knew how to manage the students’ excitement and to direct their behaviour to stay on task. They were very warm and welcoming.”

– Roseanne B. at Loblaws store 1194 in North York, ON


“Christine was such a great hostess. Giant’s new set in the produce department is so wonderful especially the exotic fruit section. Overall I love the tour and so did the kids and their parents.”

– Maria G. at Giant Food store 6018 in Souderton, PA


“Excellent tour, and our tour leader Peggy was awesome!! Our Bridge Class at Champions Academy of Cypress loved the field trip!!”

– Charlie R. at H-E-B store 656 in Cypress, TX


“Great trip! Love that it is free! The kids had a great time!”

– Julia A. at Ultra Foods store 8782 in Portage, IN


“I am so very THANKFUL that our community FRY’s does this for our students. Angie, our fierce leader did an AMAZING JOB. Everyone that was involved – BAKERS, BUTCHERS, CASHIERS, TORTILLA FACTORY and even the guys in the back made sure to welcome and educate our students with something from their department. My students and parent chaperones loved the entire experience. This is a trip that I will look into every year as long as it is offered!!! GOOD JOB”

– Victoria S. at Fry’s Food Stores 610 in Phoenix, AZ

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