Get Ready for Earth Day!


What is your class doing this year for Earth Day? Whether you’re organizing Earth Day activities for the first time or have some Earth Day traditions already, we’ve got some ideas to help you join the cause!

On April 22nd, 1970, an estimated 20 million people in the United States participated in events that started the modern environmental movement. Earth Day has grown ever since and now nations around the world mark the day by planting trees, cleaning up parks, and spreading ideas to protect our planet.

See the 3Rs in Action

There are many valuable field trips you can take your students on to celebrate Earth Day. A visit to any of these places would be a great educational experience.

  • Local recycling center
  • Landfill
  • Green energy plant that uses solar or wind power
  • Local farmers market
  • Nature center
  • If you are in California, a field trip to Ralphs supermarkets is not to be missed. The Speak Out It’s Your Earth program covers topics from local foods to cleaning with green products, not to mention seeing firsthand all of the steps Ralphs takes to be a green company.

Make School a Greener Place

Students will enjoy implementing some easy programs to reduce the environmental footprint of their school.

  • Organize a trash audit to monitor the amount of food, paper, and trash that is thrown away in one day. Then make an action plan to reduce the school’s daily waste.
  • Start a school composting center. Check out this detailed guide from Connecticut schools.
  • Now that the weather is getting warmer, organize a bike or walk to school day. Talk about the benefits to the environment and the health benefits.
  • Invite experts from the EPA, a local nature center, or other environmental organizations to speak to the school.

Spread the Word

Inform the community about the importance of conservation.

  • Place signs or flyers around the community providing tips for saving energy, conserving water, eating local or organic foods, and ideas for reusing items people might simply throw away.
  • Host an information night at school to talk about local environmental programs. Invite members from local nature centers, the EPA, or Public Works Departments to give a short presentation.
  • Write an article for the school newsletter or the local newspaper.

Speak Out Write your legislators to ask them to support environmental bills. Invite students to research some local issues to talk about in their letters or emails.

Protect the Plants and Animals in Your Community

Learn about local plants and animals and then make an action plan to help them.

  • Clean up the area parks and public spaces.
  • Learn about endangered species in your area. Visit
  • Plant native plants at your home. Native plants provide food and make good homes for birds, insects, and small mammals. Visit

Simply Get Outside

Just be outdoors on Earth Day! Your class will realize how amazing nature is and understand why we need to protect the planet and all of its fascinating creatures.

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