Spring Field Trip Ideas


Spring has sprung! The weather is improving and everyone is itching to get outside. Take your class on a spring field trip. There are some great hands-on opportunities to explore plant and animal life cycles and spring weather patterns.

Springtime Plants – Trees and bushes are budding and tiny green leaves are peaking out of the soil. Spring is an important time for plants and a great time to observe and talk about the plant life cycle.

  • Take a hike in a local forest preserve to observe the springtime changes.
  • Talk with some experts at a local botanic garden.
  • Venture to the local plant nursery or greenhouse to get some gardening tips.
  • Explore a nearby farm to talk with a farmer about how he or she prepares the soil for planting.
  • Seek out a hydroponics farm to learn about an alternative way to grow plants.

Baby Animals – Many animals are born in spring. Take the opportunity to see some baby animals first hand, learn about the life cycle, and see how parents care for their young.

  • Visit a farm. See if any baby chicks have just hatched and talk about the differences between birds and mammals.
  • Explore a petting zoo. It is always great fun to pet the baby animals and see them in action.
  • Learn about local wildlife at an animal rescue center. Look for a center that takes in and rehabilitates injured wildlife, such as raccoons, foxes, or deer.
  • Research migrating birds at a bird sanctuary.
  • Observe animals at a nearby park or forest. Remember to be quiet so you don’t scare them!
  • Watch all the different kinds of animals at a pet store.

Spring Weather – With the warmth of spring also comes rain and sometimes storms. Help students understand how storms form and how they can affect communities.

  • Talk with a meteorologist from the local television station.
  • Go to a science museum and check out the weather related exhibits.
  • If you are near Norman, Oklahoma visit the National Weather Center. For more information about tours visit http://www.nssl.noaa.gov/about/visitors/. The National Ocean and Atmospheric Association provides background about storms on their website, as well as games students can play to get familiar with how weather works. Visit http://games.noaa.gov.

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