Make Better Lunches This School Year with Giant/Martin’s Food Tips

sandwich-1482982_1280During the Kids Healthy Ideas field trip at Giant Food and Martin’s Food stores, kids learn about creating a balanced lunch that includes different foods from the various food groups. Now Giant Food and Martin’s Food stores want to help families create healthy, balanced lunches for their students this coming school year.

Here are some of their nutritionists’ top tips for building a better, balanced lunch:

  • Get kids involved: Have your child help you make a list of all the foods they like in each of the five food groups. Use GIANT/MARTIN’S Build a Better Lunch infographic to help you get started or visit for a more complete list of the foods in each group. This list will help to make sure you keep these items on-hand. Use MyPlate as a reminder to include the five food groups – grains, protein, fruits, veggies, and dairy.
  • Food groups: Remember to include a minimum of 3 food groups in your child’s lunch.
  • Organize: Use a lunchbox with divided sections or separate containers to help you remember to include multiple food groups.
  • Outside the lunchbox: Lunch doesn’t have to be a sandwich. Instead try some crackers and a hardboiled egg or rice cakes with nut butter or make skewers with fruit and cheese. The possibilities are endless!

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