Earth Day Toolkits Help Increase Environmental Literacy

flower-2116660_640Earth Day is April 22nd. Now is a great time to plan and coordinate activities for your classroom or community group. The Earth Day Network is providing free downloadable toolkits to help you create a successful Earth Day event or lesson plan.

Check out for complete information on how you can get involved in the worldwide Earth Day celebration.

This year’s campaign is about increasing environmental and climate literacy around the world. Empowering citizens young and old with knowledge about environmental issues leads to progress including greener technologies and effective protection policies and laws.

Tailored to specific groups and goals, Earth Day Network is providing a few different toolkits and resources – whether you are a primary or secondary education teacher, college or university, civic group, local government, or faith-based organization, there is a toolkit or resource just for you.

Lesson plans for students in grades K-4, 5-8, or 9-12 are available on a variety of topics from water scarcity to understanding the greenhouse effect. They include background information, step-by-step activities with a materials list, extension ideas and additional resources. Lessons are correlated to the Next Generation Science standards and Common Core.

If you want to organize an Earth Day event in your community, you’ll want to check out the Earth Day in a Box toolkit. The kit comes complete with examples for developing the right message, tips for creating a group to help you pull off the event, and templates for getting the word out about your event. There is also a Teach-In toolkit that provides the tools necessary for disseminating important information to your community about local environmental issues and initiatives.

Be a part of Earth Day this year and make your event or lesson successful with the free, downloadable Earth Day Network’s toolkits.

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