Outdoor Classroom Day – May 17

cap-children-clouds-793057We are ALL anxious to get outside and enjoy warmer weather this spring, students and teachers alike. It feels like spring has yet to arrive in many places, but on May 17 classrooms around the world will take learning outside to participate in Outdoor Classroom Day. This global campaign is led by Project Dirt and Unilever who have partnered to make sure children everywhere experience outdoor learning and play. Last year thousands of schools in more than 100 countries participated.

Teachers, organizations, and parents can get involved by spreading the word. Parents ask your children’s teachers to participate. Organizations can raise awareness by posting information about the event online or in your community. Teachers talk to your colleagues and collaborate on creating engaging activities together. The Outdoor Classroom Day website is full of resources to help everyone get involved. You can also show your support by signing up to participate on their website: https://outdoorclassroomday.com.

The website also includes resources for lesson ideas, materials to spread the word about the day, and a library of information about ensuring the safety of everyone outside to how to make the outdoors and play a regular part of your day. Twitter and Facebook posts also provide inspiration as teachers and student group leaders count down the weeks to Outdoor Classroom Day with photos and lesson ideas.

From finding shapes in nature, using nature’s resources to make art, or studying a microenvironment in the playground or park, there are boundless ideas for exploring outside. Bring new focus, enthusiasm, and inspiration to students’ learning by getting outside this May!

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