Grocery Brands That Give Back

Circle of Paper DollsField Trip Factory works closely with grocery stores throughout the country to help students learn about nutrition, community, and ways to make smart choices while shopping the aisles. One part of being a smart shopper is shopping brands that help the communities near and far. See how these brands are making a difference around the world!

  1. Annie’s provides grants for educators who want to start a school garden. Applications for grants are currently being accepted and will close November 1st. To apply, check out this link: Annie’s also provides scholarships to undergraduate and graduate students interested in regenerative agriculture, the practice of pulling carbon from the atmosphere and storing it in the soil.
  2. Kind has a mission: do the KIND thing for your body, your taste buds, and your world™. The Kind Foundation celebrates kindness within local communities. In 2016, the program gave $1.1 million in prizes to seven individuals who helped to transform their communities. In 2017, it helped young people build kinder, more inclusive communities. Kind also engages in random acts of kindness by handing out flowers or leaving uplifting messages on car windshields.
  3. Plum Organics is donating millions of organic meals and snacks, currently more than 21 million, to little one across America and nations impacted by the disaster. Plum Organics is also committed to using sustainably responsible packaging.
  4. King Arthur Flour makes a donation to Feeding America for every Essential Goodness baking mix purchased. The company also provides a free program that teaches kids to bake bread from scratch. Students are provided with the flour and materials and then are asked to give the bread they make to those in need. For more information, check out the website:
  5. Cabot Creamery Cooperative cares for its cows, its land, its farming families, its customers, and its community. As part of the Farmers Assuring Responsible Management program, Cabot adheres to guidelines for caring for the cows. Cabot also gives profits back to the families who are part of the cooperative and supports volunteers by providing meals to those who volunteer in their communities, through their Gratitude Grill food truck.
  6. Alter Eco is a fair trade company that uses organic ingredients and they are working toward becoming a carbon negative business. Their relationship with the farmers and other partners is important. Alter Eco provides their partners with assistance for food security, biodiversity, and gender equality.

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