Two Free Experiential and Active Learning Webinars

teacher-laptop-1687529Erin Buhr, the author of the book Little Walks, Big Adventures: Meaningful Field Trips with Young Children talks about the importance of field trips and how to make them meaningful for students ages 15 months to 9 years old. Buhr provides ideas for field trips for young students, tips for how to organize and prepare for the field trip, suggestions for what kinds of questions to ask students before, during, and after the field trip, and what kinds of tools can help deepen students’ learning.

Check out the webinar on the Gryphon House website using the link below:

On October 30th, Pam Moran and Ira Socol, authors of the book Timeless Learning: How Imagination, Observation, and Zero-based Thinking Change Schools, will participate in a webinar about how observing students and asking them the right questions fosters an environment of creativity and exploration. They will share their thoughts about how designing and making projects enriches learning and creates a culture of innovation.

To register for the webinar check out the link below:

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