Finding Ways to Give Back

boy-peace-1828794-300wMany people think of others during the holidays, looking for ways to give back to more than just family and friends, but those in need locally and around the world. If you are looking for a class service project or ways to involve the entire family in giving back, check out these websites.

Visit the Create the Good website to search for volunteer opportunities in your community using your zip code. Are you interested in helping hunger relief or homeless animals? Users can filter results by type of volunteer opportunity. There is also a how-to guide for leading a successful volunteer campaign, and of course, a way to post opportunities for others to help with. Check out: connects food insecure families with families that can help. You can sponsor a family in need or help kids with literacy all at their website:

Create a new service project and invite family and friends to help out using this website You can also search for volunteer opportunities others have posted to participate in.

This entire website is dedicated to empowering families to raise caring children that are engaged in helping others. Find volunteering opportunities for the whole family and advice on how to partner with businesses and organization to serve others, or search for family-friendly projects that help the community. Check out:

The following websites each help you find volunteer opportunities in your town or state.

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