Freebies for Science Teachers

Field Trip FactoryThe National Science Teachers Association is a great source for free materials and lesson ideas for the classroom. Updated regularly, the NSTA website provides a wealth of interesting activities, graphics, booklets, and more for all ages!


The most recent resources listed include an activity that will teach students in grades 6-8 about the impact of wildfires. Through the use of video and a variety of other materials, students will learn to use online maps and data tools to identify regions that are prone to fires and discover why wildfires are hard to stop. Definitely, a relevant topic that unfortunately won’t be going away anytime soon.


For younger students, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service provides a free booklet to download filled with activities to get kids interested in fishing. Students will learn about aquatic habitats, how to protect native species and fishing safety.


From Earth science to investigations taking place in space, there are activities and materials for any topic for any grade. Check out the hundreds of resources and ideas to supplement your science curriculum today at:

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