Get Ready for Nutrition Month in March

ShopRiteGet Ready for Nutrition Month In March!

What are your plans for Nutrition Month? Go beyond the worksheets and books about healthy eating and take your class on a field trip in the aisles of your local grocery stores. Field Trip Factory offers a number of free trips across the United States and Canada that focus on healthy habits and the benefits of nutrition. Students can learn the basics of a nutritious diet, participate in hands-on activities about the food groups, and practice shopping for healthy foods.

Check out the brief overview of each of our programs. To learn more or to book an experience for Nutrition Month in March, or any time of the year, visit today! While we have hundreds of stores providing field trips about health and nutrition, please note that certain programs are only offered at specific stores.

Kid Healthy Ideas at Stop & Shop – Students explore ways to keep themselves, their friends and families, and even Earth healthy. It all starts with waking up in the morning with a nutritious breakfast and an invigorating stretch. From there, students learn the importance of eating from all of the food groups, and the benefits each food group provides for the body. At the end of the trip, students discuss how shopping with reusable bags helps keep Earth healthy.

Be a Smart Shopper at Giant Eagle – Students learn ways to incorporate foods from all of the food groups into a meal, such as a sandwich or soup. Students also learn the various nutrients found in different foods, such as zinc, iron, and protein in meats and seafood. Finally, students discuss the 3Rs, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and how it benefits the store and Earth!

Be a Healthy Buddy at H-E-B – Smart food choices and physical activity is the focus of this field trip. Students will learn about the recommended serving sizes for a healthy diet along with the nutrients to fuel the mind and body, and more!

ShopRite Student ShopperThis is a unique two-part program in which a ShopRite Student Shopper Ambassador travels to your classroom to introduce nutrition concepts to your students. Healthy eating, MyPlate concepts, and more are reinforced and practiced in the second part of the program at the ShopRite grocery store.

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