Financial Literacy Month Resources

iStock_000013556494MediumIf you want to incorporate financial literacy topics into your curriculum this month, check out these recommendations for elementary through high school students. 

The Practical Money Skill website has several helpful resources for teachers looking to incorporate some financial literacy into their curriculum for students grades K-12 and into adulthood. Check out this easy to maneuver, rich site for lesson plans, games, and guides for teaching everything your students will want to know about money, budgeting, credit, and more.



When introducing and practicing money values with your K-1 students, incorporate this lesson plan that encourages students to save.


Middle School

This lesson includes both the importance of saving and determining costs. Students review various cell phone plans to determine which is affordable and best for them.


During this lesson students walk through the steps to create a budget – from determining financial goals to reworking the budget when life changes course.


High School

High schoolers will soon be navigating the world of credit card offers, how to build credit, and the importance of managing credit scores. This lesson introduces students to the world of credit and provides a hands-on opportunity for students to learn how certain actions can affect a person’s credit score and what that means for obtaining loans in the future.

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