Using Humor to Help Build Classroom Relationships

Young GirlMy son came home from his first day of school and gave me the rundown of his day, including first impressions of his teachers. Two of his teachers are new to his school and he mentioned not being sure about their teaching styles, “They seem pretty serious,” he said. I thought well, their job is to teach you something, they should be serious – you only have one more year before high school.

Then I recalled his former teachers that made a lasting impression. They were “real” my son believes. They didn’t try to make everything perfect, they were tuned into the vibe of the classroom, and they injected humor into their lessons. It was in these classes that my son learned to like school and retained the most information.

With this in mind, I thought it would be great to hear from two teachers who use humor in their classroom. At the start of a new school year, everyone is trying to get to know each other, set boundaries, push boundaries, find their roles in the classroom. Humor can be a helpful way to connect with students early in the school year. Listen to how these two teachers use humor to diffuse situations in their classrooms and engage students.

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