Inspiring TED Talks on Experiential Learning

ted-logoThe holiday break is a great time to recharge and reconnect with family and friends. It can also be an opportunity to take advantage of some extra time to get re-inspired by other educators who are making a difference.


I always enjoy a good Ted Talk. If you do too, check out the links to some great presentations about experiential learning. Diana Laufenberg shares a few important lessons she has learned while teaching, from being a first-year teacher in Kansas to today. She talks about the value of learning from mistakes. Ed Cooke, a cognitive scientists and co-founder of the learning app, Memrise, uses an experiential-based learning approach to acquiring a second language. Dr. Ravindra Stephen Goonetilleke, at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, discusses the importance of experiential learning to address the implications of the digital age.


Diana Laufenberg: How to Learn? From Mistakes


Ed Cooke: Experiential Learning


Experiential Learning


Dr. Ravindra: Make Impact with Experiential Learning

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