10 Activities for National Nutrition Month

Next month is National Nutrition Month and to celebrate with your class we’ve provided some fun hands-on activity ideas. Develop a school project that involves kids creating a meal based on MyPlate principles. Students should make a balanced breakfast, lunch, or dinner including some of their favorite foods using pictures, drawings, or actual foods. Visit choosemyplate.gov for […]

Produce Safety Tips

Not only are kids and adults eating a greater amount of produce for health reasons, but consumption is also up because leafy greens and berries are sustainable to grow and therefore better for the planet. We’d like to think that the Field Trip Factory nutrition-based field trips have a little something to do with bringing […]

Inspiring TED Talks on Experiential Learning

The holiday break is a great time to recharge and reconnect with family and friends. It can also be an opportunity to take advantage of some extra time to get re-inspired by other educators who are making a difference.   I always enjoy a good Ted Talk. If you do too, check out the links […]

A Happy AND Healthy Holiday for All – Including Mother Nature

Many of our field trips are focused on nutrition and building a healthy lifestyle through proper eating and exercise. Several sponsors are also concerned with the health of our planet and are taking actions to protect it, including teaching kids about the conservation and food waste efforts in their stores and around their communities. Be […]

The American Battlefield Trust’s Field Trip Fund

One of the best ways to get students excited about the history of our nation is to make it come alive by visiting historical battlefields or other sites. Students can watch reenactments and feel the power of being in the exact spot some of the most important events that shaped our country took place. In […]

Using Humor to Help Build Classroom Relationships

My son came home from his first day of school and gave me the rundown of his day, including first impressions of his teachers. Two of his teachers are new to his school and he mentioned not being sure about their teaching styles, “They seem pretty serious,” he said. I thought well, their job is […]

Field Trip Month Ideas – Take Your Class on an Adventure

October is national field trip month! It is a perfect time to plan your classroom field trips for the school year. Experiential learning makes a big impact on student learning and helps students connect with their community. There are several resources for discovering new field trips that compliment your lessons in science, social studies, health, […]

Tips and Recommendations for Planning Virtual Field Trips

Virtual field trips exist for almost any subject – art, history, science, and more. Students can travel back in time or across the world to virtually experience artifacts, cities, architecture as if they were there. Just like traditional field trips, virtual field trips take planning and preparation. To help you plan your next virtual field […]

Summer Vacation and Your School Garden

You and your students put in a lot of work to prepare and plant the school garden, but with school ending soon, how do you ensure the fruits of your labor are shared and not shriveled. Here are some tips for easily maintaining the school garden over the summer break. Weed and mulch before you […]