5 Fun Games to Play on the Bus

Keeping a busload of kids under control can sometimes be the most daunting part of the field trip. To keep the noise level down and everyone entertained, play these five games on your next field trip. I’m Going on a Field Trip. It is a fun way to practice the alphabet. Have students brainstorm items […]

Fostering Curiosity in Your Youngest Students

Curiosity may have killed the cat, but curious kids do better academically and are more connected to their community and to their world. Use these tips to foster curiosity in your little ones for a lifetime of learning and fun.   Give kids space to explore. When I was young, my parents let me take […]

Build Your Classroom Library with Free or Low-Cost Books

Heading to the zoo, the art museum, or your local grocery store on your next field trip? Reading books on animals, art, and gardening or cooking can help set the stage for your students before you load the class on the school bus. Here are five organizations that can help you inexpensively acquire books before […]

Getting to Know Your New Students

Back to school means getting to know a whole new group of students. Of course you want to know the usual things about them: What activities they are interested in or if they have siblings. But here are twelve questions you may want to ask your students to gain insight into what makes them tick […]

Teachers – An Appreciation

One week each May is designated Teacher Appreciation Week. The National PTA has been honoring teachers in this way since 1984. This month schools across the country celebrated the priceless contributions teachers make to our communities and future generations. Field Trip Factory would like to thank all of the teachers who tirelessly work to provide […]

Lessons to learn at the farmer’s market

Thankfully, it is farmer’s market season! That means a wide variety of fruits, vegetables, dairy, and meat products, including some unusual items just waiting to be discovered. There is something special about visiting an outdoor market in your community where you can connect with your neighbors as well as the men and women who grew […]

The Value of Field Trips (May 2018)

In this month’s excerpt from Education Week’s field trip series, a theatre arts educator provides suggestions for engaging students before, during, and after an artistic field trip, such as attending a play, music venue, dance performance, or museum exhibit. Response From Effuah Sam Mrs. Effuah Sam has 15 plus years knowledge and experience in the […]

Apply for These Grants This Summer

This summer consider applying to one of these grants for activities and programs you’ll be excited to bring to your classroom for the 2018-19 school year! Crayola awards twenty $2500 grants to schools who are members of the National Association of Elementary School Principals and want to deliver innovative art-infused education to their students. Applications are […]

Outdoor Classroom Day – May 17

We are ALL anxious to get outside and enjoy warmer weather this spring, students and teachers alike. It feels like spring has yet to arrive in many places, but on May 17 classrooms around the world will take learning outside to participate in Outdoor Classroom Day. This global campaign is led by Project Dirt and Unilever […]

The Value of Field Trips (April 2018)

Otis Kriegel, teacher and author of Starting School Right: How do I plan for a successful first week in my classroom? (ASCD), describes how he prepares for a successful field trip in this month’s article from Education Week. Response From Otis Kriegel How many checklists can I make? It seems that there are a million details […]