Calling All Parent Chaperones

Guest Post by Caitlin Tobin, The Room Mom One of the most rewarding experiences parents and guardians can have with their school aged child is attending a field trip together. It gives parents a mini view into the classroom world of their children. Not only can adults get a glimpse of their student’s curriculum, they […]

FTF is Thankful For…

Hi there, I’m Ashley, managing editor of the Field Trip Factory blog. I wanted to take some time to share what Field Trip Factory is thankful for, in the spirit of the season. Students and Teachers Over the past twenty years, Field Trip Factory has conducted close to 35,000+ Field Trips. Why do we do what […]

Connected Educator Month

Learn about the importance and benefits of Collaborative Learning. Just last year Powerful Learning Practice partnered with the Department of Education to create a a celebration of online communities of practice and networks in education. Why not use Field Trip Factory Friends as a similar type resource?!?